Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Recruitment (Vocabulary: Business Terms)

RECRUITMENT (Vocabulary: Business Terms)

Recruitment is the process of finding suitable candidates to fill a position in a company. Steps include:

  • identifying and spelling out the need;
  • attracting candidates (by word of mouth or some times by advertising);
  • interviewing and selecting the right candidate; and
  • hiring and bringing the person onto staff.

In larger companies this may be done by the Human Resources ("HR") Department. The next step will probably be training. A person who has just been recruited might be called a "new recruit."

Recruiting techniques may include:

  • Internal recruitment: hiring current employees to a new position;
  • External recruiters: Hiring professionals to find your ideal candidates;
  • Career fairs (also called "job fairs"): Attending events where candidates meet with representatives of several companies;
  • Campus recruiting: Like a job fair for hiring soon-to-be graduates.


(Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons; CTTO)

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